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Introduction to Wax Modeling

Dates: Jan 20, 27 & Feb 3, 10
Thursdays 6:00 PM-10:00 PM

Many intricate and sculptural pieces of metal jewelry began life as featureless blocks of wax. By working in wax rather than metal, the carver creates form efficiently and opens up design possibilities. Students in this class will gain a thorough understanding of the processes, tools, and materials used to carve wax models for use in lost wax casting.


Pratt Fine Arts Center

Seattle, WA

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Joel began his artistic career in high school under the mentorship and tutelage of Ron Ho. He used all mediums, painting, metal work, and model making for jewelry. He continued to perfect his technic, specializing in model making for jewelry freelancing at Sholdt while studying at Cornish. Joel moved to New York, traveling the world from Basel, Switzerland to Germany, to Italy demonstrating at Trade Shows.

He taught model making for MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers Silversmiths Association) and continued to teach Interns while working on his own line of jewelry in New York. He currently creates one-of-a kind jewelry for private clients and stores around the Seattle area.

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