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Wax Carving Classes:


Introduction to Wax Modeling

Many intricate and sculptural pieces of metal jewelry began life as featureless blocks of wax. By working in wax rather than metal, the carver creates form efficiently and opens up design possibilities. Students in this class will gain a thorough understanding of the processes, tools, and materials used to carve wax models for use in lost wax casting. Starting from a simple design, students will transfer it accurately onto a block of wax, then remove large amounts of excess material. Using a wide variety of simple tools, they will add details and refine surfaces, ending up with a completed wax model ready for casting.


Intermediate Wax Carving

Are you interested in studying alongside an expert wax carver with decades of experience? This class is designed with two types of students in mind. For those students who have experience as a bench jeweler and want to transition into wax carving, this class will give you the knowledge to learn the basic skills and new techniques to carve in solid wax. This class is also ideal for students who have a wax carving background and a desire to learn new techniques and realize projects that may seem too ambitious to tackle alone. The class will meet and discuss wax projects individually and as a group. From there, the instructor will assist students with the design and layout of their project and demonstrate specific skills based on the needs of the students. It is a great way to take on that project you have been thinking about with the assistance of the instructor to problem solve along the way.

Next Class:

Oct 3 – Nov 6, 2023 | Mondays, 6 PM-10 PM PST
at Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle

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